The Replacements - The Farewell Gig (FM Broadcast: Grant Park, Chicago, July 4th 1991) (2LP) (UDSOLGT)

Model/varenr.: WSHOP-779


A1 I Will Dare  
A2 Bent Out Of Shape  
A3 Achin' To Be  
A4 Merry Go Round  
A5 Happy Town  
B6 Swinging Party  
B7 One Wink At A Time  
B8 Waitress In The Sky  
B9 When It Began  
B10 Someone Take The Wheel  
C11 Talent Show  
C12 Nobody  
C13 Another Girl, Another Planet  
C14 Hey Good Lookin'  
D15 I'll Be You  
D16 I Don't Know  
D17 Within Your Reach  
D18 Can't Hardly Wait  
D19 Hootenanny

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