Dizzy Mizz Lizzy - Livegasm! (2LP - rød vinyl) (UDSOLGT)

199,00 DKK
( 159,20 DKK )
Model/varenr.: WSHOP-2094


A1 Forward in Reverse  
A2 Terrified in Paradise  
A3 Brainless  
A4 Barbedwired Baby's Dream  
B1 Glory  
B2 Love is a Lovers Game  
B3 Love at Second Sight  
B4 Made To Believe  
C1 Rotator  
C2 67 Seas in Your Eyes  
C3 Say It To Me Anyway  
D1 Waterline  
D2 Mindgasm  
D3 Silverflame  
D4 I Would If I Could But I Can't