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George Erza - Staying At Tamaras (Lp+Cd) (udsolgt)

199,00 DKK
( 159,20 DKK )


A1 Pretty Shining People  
A2 Don't Matter Now  
A3 Get Away  
A4 Shotgun  
A5 Paradise  
B1 Sugarcoat  
B2 Hold My Girl  
B3 Saviour  
B4 Only A Human  
B5 The Beautiful Dream  
CD-1 Pretty Shining People  
CD-2 Don't Matter Now  
CD-3 Get Away  
CD-4 Shotgun  
CD-5 Paradise  
CD-6 Sugarcoat  
CD-7 Hold My Girl  
CD-8 Saviour  
CD-9 Only A Human  
CD-10 The Beautiful Dream
Model/varenr.: WSHOP-2584