Model/varenr.: WSHOP-2119
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Tracklist Pagan Angel And A Borrowed Car 4:32 White Tooth Man 3:57 Lovesong Of The Buzzard 4:26 Carousel 4:02 House By The Sea 4:21 Innocent Bones 3:42 Wolves (Song Of The Shepherd's Dog) 4:57 Resurrection Fern 4:49 Boy With A Coin 4:05 ...mere
Model/varenr.: WSHOP-1742
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Tracklist Dig Me Out   One More Hour   Turn It On   The Drama You've Been Craving   Heart Factory   Words And Guitar   It's Enough   Little Babies   Not What You Want   Buy Her Candy   Things You Say   Dance Song '97   ...mere
Model/varenr.: WSHOP-1816
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Tracklist Claim Your Ghost   Thomas County Law   Bitter Truth   Song In Stone   Summer Clouds   Call It Dreaming   About A Bruise   Last Night   Right For Sky   The Truest Stars We Know   Our Light Miles